Anyone know a good free audio streaming recorder?

Answer the type of software you're looking for is called Freeware, which is fully-functioning and completely free software contributed to the public domain. Shareware is offered as either "crippleware" (l... Read More »

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Are there any free streaming audio books?

yes just go to itunes and type in adio book free.hope it works:)

What is a good program to capture audio from a streaming video on youtube?

An easier way is to download the audio from the video. You can use any of these sites to do that. It's very simple.

I need a really good digital audio recorder for a concert!?

im going to the chicago show! im so excited!!

Whats good free screen recorder software, that doesnt take long to download on youtube.?

If you want a screen recorder software, I recommend one software I used, its name is total screen recorder gold. i like it very much and it is very easy to use. Although it is not free, I think it... Read More »