Anyone know a good free audio streaming recorder?

Answer the type of software you're looking for is called Freeware, which is fully-functioning and completely free software contributed to the public domain. Shareware is offered as either "crippleware" (l... Read More »

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Does anyone know a good downloadable video recorder?

zdnet offers several some are even free. and of course my ultimate babe computer geek kim kommando she even tests them for you

Does anyone know of good recorder sheet music for the Doctor Who theme song?

I very much doubt there would be any recorder-specific versions available, but you should be able to play the main melody line off of any sheet music book version anyway. But, if you use an alto re... Read More »

Are there any free streaming audio books?

yes just go to itunes and type in adio book free.hope it works:)

What is a good program to capture audio from a streaming video on youtube?

An easier way is to download the audio from the video. You can use any of these sites to do that. It's very simple.