Anyone know a free art program I can download and import pictures to draw with?

Answer To get drawn images into a digital form, you will either need a scanner, or a pen tablet (such as Wacom) for tracing.One of the best FREE applications is The GIMP. But there are also several other... Read More »

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Does anyone have links to download a free program that changes pictures/images into drawings/sketches?

All you really need is any graphic editor that is capable of handling Adobe style Plug-Ins. And one of the best FREE graphic editors is called The GIMP: There are va... Read More »

Does anyone one know where i can download a word program for typing on my computer for free?

i second the open office thing. i belive it is

Does anyone know of a free program that I can create a website with without coding?

Well ... this is the solution ...You learn to programming , but I don't think this is your idea . :D:Dor try a website builder, a web service that lets you create your website or Web Content with ... Read More »

Does anyone know where to download free songs. i really mean FREE.?

Find it here Read More »