Anyone know a free art program I can download and import pictures to draw with?

Answer To get drawn images into a digital form, you will either need a scanner, or a pen tablet (such as Wacom) for tracing.One of the best FREE applications is The GIMP. But there are also several other... Read More »

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Does anyone have links to download a free program that changes pictures/images into drawings/sketches?

All you really need is any graphic editor that is capable of handling Adobe style Plug-Ins. And one of the best FREE graphic editors is called The GIMP: There are va... Read More »

I need a free virus and spyware program What program do you suggest and where can I download it?

I guess you mean an ANTI virus program? Viruses and spyware are bad things, and Microsoft Windows in particular gets plagued by them! If you're running something other than Microsoft Windows (like ... Read More »

Any program to download free music?

Please keep in mind that you can download/share only copyright-free (classical, nursery rhymes) music for free, unless the copyright owners allow free downloading/sharing of their material. ALL sit... Read More »

What is the best free music download program?

limewire will not give you viruses unless you are an idiot and download files with trash cans next to them. only download songs with for stars next to them. no trash cans