Anyone here use Fish Oil (Omega 3's) for calm effects, for anxiety And how much?

Answer I do; it works okay. Helps to keep my good cholesterol in check.

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Ways to help calm down with anxiety ?

I used to get really bad anxiety when I was younger, for me I just used to like pinch myself really hard or like scratch my thighs haha I know it sounds kinda weird but it helped me not feel so str... Read More »

How to Calm Yourself During an Anxiety Attack?

Racing heart, nausea, upset stomach, and tremors are just a few things you can experience during an anxiety attack. This article will list some techniques you can use to calm yourself down.

Ways to calm anxiety attacks?

For me, going on a walk has always helped best. I usually have an attack hit me if I'm confined in my apartment for too long, but as soon as I hit the street and connect with nature, I immediately ... Read More »

How much omega-3 is in fish oil?

Omega-3 fatty acid content varies between different types of fish oil. Salmon oil yields 4.7g of omega-3 fats per tbsp., whereas menhaden oil contains 3.6g, sardine oil contains 3.1g, cod liver oil... Read More »