Anyone here like or dislike Hollister?

Answer I buy a lot of my daughters close at Hollister and I think they are really cute. I always wait for a sale and I get things pretty cheap there. The only time I shop there when there is not a sale ... Read More »

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If you dislike Abercrombie, Hollister, ect...WHY and WHERE do you buy your clothes from?

I agree. My favorite store is PacSun. Yes, it can be expensive to shop there but, I save my money for it instead of using my money to shop at crappy places like A&F or Hollister. PacSun has cute,... Read More »

What is hollister's music playlist I went to hollister's website and it only gave me 10 bad songs!help!?

Here are some songs that have ranged from the Oct 2006 playlist to the presentThe All-American Rejects - Dirty Little SecretThe All-American Rejects - Move AlongThe Almost - Say This SoonerBloc Par... Read More »

Why is it wrong to dislike Japan yet OK to dislike other countries?

Probably a generation thing. My grandfather never had one good thing to say about the Japanese, this was solely because of their treatment of POW's. Beheadings and worse. He was probably cheerin... Read More »

Star this question if you dislike Ke$ha and tell me why you dislike her?

She is talentless, all her songs are auto-tuned and edited yet her voice still proceeds to be ANNOYING. She's nasty on how she talks about others, and very self-centered. She sings about pointless ... Read More »