Anyone heard of a medical term "joint mouse"?

Answer Osteochondritis dissecans of the knee is a disorder in which fragments of bone or cartilage come loose and float around in the knee joint. Other terms for this condition are chondral fracture and o... Read More »

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Oh dear I have just heard a noise coming from the cupboards, Do you think it might be a mouse?

Anyone heard of IP6 Does anyone know the long term side effects of using this supplement.?

IP-6 does have some Iron-binding properties, but Iron and IP-6 shouldn't be taken at the same time to start with as IP-6 should be taken on an empty stomach while Iron should be taken with food. If... Read More »

Have you heard of any of these medical tricks?

That is soooo cool!!! I'm gonna try the fott and hand thing with my brother hehehe...Haha, and I agree with Leprechaun... Johnny Depp is sooo hot hehehe

Found droppings in loft about 1/2 inch long+heard scratching,could it be mouse,rat or squirrel?

To big to be mouse droppings. Mouse looks like coarsley groung black peppercorns. probably a ret. Callout the pest control FAST