Anyone having any problems with It wont load on my browser?

Answer Still its not up.. That means for past 12 hours.. its down..! But every often, they have problems loading thier GUI and mails.. but that use to get rectified soon..! They got a very good GUI.From ... Read More »

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What's the best Internet Browser I'm sick of having problems with Internet Explorer 7?

I highly recommend Firefox.In this review, CNET Prizefight Internet Explorer 7 vs. Firefox 2, Firefox wins in every category.Firefox is better in every way including, installation woes, look and co... Read More »

Is anyone having problems with the "WMR" screen?

The same happen to me this morning and I was in shock. I called Irs and the nice lady explained to me that mine went to the error dept but she couldn't see what the error was. She checked further ... Read More »

Anyone having problems with youtube?

Yep, can't even get the site to load. It's really annoying. Looks like the servers are down AGAIN. >.>

Is anyone having problems with facebook?

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage Most likely causes:You are not connected to the Internet. The website is encountering problems. There might be a typing error in the address. :(