Anyone have new Facebook LMS's?

Answer heres a couple:LMS for....If you died:If you tripped on a rock:If you kissed me:If you cried:If you lived next door:If I woke up next to you:Do I like your profile picture:What i remember about mee... Read More »

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Does anyone here have facebook?

ye i do :), i would say face book is better.

How could anyone on Facebook have 800 plus friends?

"Friends" on Facebook aren't necessarily people you know. The people who have 800 friends? They don't know most of those "friends", they just send friend requests to anyone who looks interesting an... Read More »

Does anyone have problem with facebook timing out?

Nopes. Try reloading. Check your internet connection and speed. Make sure you don't have any torrents running or any downloading taking place.

Anyone have recently made or good working proxy sites to get on facebook at school?

NO.It is ILLEGAL to hack a School network in order to bypass security filters