Anyone have any quick remedies for closed up sore throat other than ibuprofen....?

Answer The good old stand by - honey & lemon, in hot water. Soothing & lovely.

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I have a really bad sore throat, it hurts when i swallow...anyone know any quick remedies to help sooth it?

Hot tea with some honey in it. Also try gargling with salt water to kill any bacteria that may be causing the sore throat.

Your throat is practically closed up due to a sore throat what do you do?

So the doctors are closed because it is the weekend or else I would go there. I have had a sore throat for abo?

You are not an Emergency, so do not go to the ER. They are always overwhelmed and do not need to see you for a sore throat.go back to the Urgent Care and ask him to swab your throat.I wish you well.

Quick fix to a sore throat?

Manuka honey or milk with honey and butter(i know it sounds weird but it tastes nice:)) always helps whenever i have a sore throat. Good luck