Anyone have any idea how long Polaroid film can remain stable?

Answer Expired in the 1970's? I am guessing the pouch (that holds the chemical) could have completely dried up. The only way to see if they will still work at all is to take a shot.

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Will Polaroid 600 film work in my Polaroid 1000 camera?

Traditional Polaroid 600 film will work in Polaroid's PIC 1000 camera, a redesign of the Polaroid OneStep camera. The PIC 1000 was unveiled in January 2010 at the International Consumer Electronics... Read More »

Can I use Polaroid Platinum 600 film in a Polaroid 600 instant camera?

The Polaroid Platinum 600 film will work in any 600 type camera. In researching this question, it appears that many places online are featuring the photos of the Platinum boxes but shipping standar... Read More »

Will OEM Polaroid 600 film work in Polaroid cameras?

Since 1986 the only manufacturer of Polaroid 600 film has been Polaroid itself, therefor all post 1986 Polaroid 600 film is OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and will work with all Polaroid 600... Read More »

I have a 600 close up polaroid camera If i did buy film from ebay, would it work?

okay, all the polaroid film out there is currently can most likely get the film from here:…or ebay.the impossible project will stock up their n... Read More »