Anyone have any experience with ID Chief?

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Anyone have any experience with heart palpitations?

Nothing to worry about. It would have been helpful if you had written down your age. This symptom (arrhythmia) is common among young people. It is usually caused by the fact that bone growth has a ... Read More »

Anyone have experience with house arrest?

Yes. It's old technology actually. Within the bracelet is a transpoder. This emits a frequency which they can easily track. It provides them with your location in real time, to a very accurate rang... Read More »

Does anyone have any experience with 3HourProfits?

I have purchased 3HourProfits and it works.They guarantee you will make money within 3 hours. And they deliver what they promise. I made my first sale in 2 hours and 37 minutes. I made $220 in my f... Read More »

Anyone have any experience with wireless repeaters?

You Can use TP link routers or reapter,routers can also be set to use tplink they are also less expensive,trusted,durable