Anyone have an idea what's happening here Please?

Answer sounds like a power supply problem for surepower supplies can fail at any time from a spike in electricity to just being old and getting to hotdoes anything else run when the light blinks or does t... Read More »

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Does the red sock puppet have any idea what is happening within the Labor Party?

We all KNOW Labour is going to be utterly trounced at the next election. As it gets closer and as the failure upon failure of this Govt add up and the back biting and blame placing and jockeying co... Read More »

Whats happening to me?

Well first of all how old are you? Did you experience your first period yet? It could be your menstrual flow, and when we get our periods hormones go crazy which can cause mood swings and many othe... Read More »

Whats happening to youtube?

i dont think so.its a rumor.i'll die if it ends!oh.......i'll commit a suiside!LOLkidding!but i'll get depressed for ever!

What happened to me Or whats happening to me?

You need to see a doctor. There could be 384949 reasons for being dizzy and passing out, it's not healthy. I myself ended up having a kidney transplant and it started with me passing out in school.... Read More »