Anyone have an idea what the chinese at end of my road is called?

Answer Is this the one?New Peking House 72 School Lane MANCHESTER M20 6RT 0161 445 0149

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How is it decided whether a road will be called a road, street, avenue, drive, etc.?

Whatever scarcities we may have in this world, a shortage of street-name suffixes isn't one of them. The possibilities include but are not limited to alley, avenue, boulevard, circle, court, cove, ... Read More »

I always see this car on the road and have no idea what kind it is help!?

Over 73,000 people were killed in Chinese road accidents in 2008, was driving on the right part of the reason?

It makes sense, especially the bit about using the left hand to steer, better to keep the right hand on the steering wheel people.

What is that chinese chicken called?

Sweet and sour chicken. That red neon glaze is sweet and sour sauce. There are tons of recipes online.This sentence is a dead giveaway - "The sauce could be the same one you dip spring rolls into..... Read More »