Anyone have an idea to get rid of a headache?

Answer You got a sinus headache go take a aspirin and get off the computer turn off the lights cover up in bed and sleep awhile

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I have a headache, can anyone help me ?

Depending on the severity, many things can be in play here. How long has it lasted, and how bad is the headache? Vision changes would be my first thought, when was your last vision check-up? Optome... Read More »

Does anyone else have a horrible headache!?

Quite regularly get them just a long my forehead though, usually when i been on the comp or reading too long without my glasses on!!! Try some ibuprofen find they are better than paracetamol or asp... Read More »

I have a super idea for an invention, but I don't have the money to get it out there. Can anyone help?

I know this is a vague answer, but:

I'm gonna have a black and red themed party. So anyone have an idea to name it Suggest me please.?

Alice in Wonderland BallQueen of Spades/Diamonds/Clubs/Hearts PartyPoker PartyCasino PartyTarot PartyIt reminds me of playing cards, because their main colours are red and black.