Anyone have a quick fix for headaches?

Answer Chop off your head... otherwise a hair of the dog generally does it for me ;)

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I have to shave my legs everyday and it grows back so quick...does anyone else have this issue & what do u do?

Just keep shaving. If you use lotion every day, it will soften the hair follicles, which will make it less noticeable when the hair starts growing back. Or, you can wax them, which pulls the hair o... Read More »

Anyone know of any quick fixes for a cold, or do I just have to wait it out?

wow, i wish you included some of your symptoms. for the sake of conversation, i will assume they are as follows:-sore throat-fever-that head-under-water feeling-full-body skin and/or muscle acheTRE... Read More »

I need a quick science activity for 4-5 yr olds....anyone have any ideas?

Milk of magnesia with different fruit juices. For example with cranberry juice is turns blue.

Is anyone fimiliar with power point if so i have a quick question?

Yes, it is. I believe you just click on it an a menu will come up asking where you want to put it: All slides or just the selected one.