Anyone have a hangover the size of mine ?

Answer poor thing...nah,i used to drink,don't do that no know Indians shouldn't drink!...drink a little tee with two aspirins in it,it should take the headache away,be careful drinking ... Read More »

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I have just woke i have mega hangover cure anyone?

Start drinking againNever stopAs long as you continue to drink you'll never get a hangover.

Does anyone have a surefire hangover cure?

There's a good deal of research going on right now. Many old wives' tales work for a few people. Nothing works for everybody. Prevention, though, is better than cure -- and that includes never drin... Read More »

Does anyone have the best hangover treatment?

Drink crap loads of water before you go to bed as a preventative which helps rehydrate you!!!!!! and Vegemite on toast, hair of the dog. and the most important one is TIME!!!

Anyone know the perfect cure for hangover, i have too many and always sick.?