Anyone have Webroot essentials on their computer and do you like it?

Answer I do. According to best buy.... office depot and a computer tech that worked on my computer..say that Webroot is one of the best. All of them told me that norton attracts viruses. I had norton a co... Read More »

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After i have been working on my computer for a few hours my eyes feel like their being pulled out of their?

take a break every 20 minutes to give your eyes a rest and make sure there is enough light surrounding you in the room. I used to have this problem and I used to get really drowsy. I did what I'v... Read More »

Does anyone have ornaments in their garden like a gnome or swan or other?

I have several windchimes, about 5 cherubs in the front garden, a little red bird and some very old teapots with plants in them at the front and in the backyard I have a kookaburra, an ibis family,... Read More »

Is their anyone who knows of jobs for teenagers like 15 years of age?

I worked for McDonalads at 14, before that I worked for Western Golf and Country Club at 13 and berore that I worked for Observer Eccentric. I also had friends who worked for various Movie THeaters... Read More »

Has anyone ever completly smashed their computer apart in a fit of anger?

Not with my own machine because if I have a problem with that doesn't solve by re-booting thenI just simply reload windows.I save all my files on an external hard drive and save all my set up files... Read More »