Anyone had a sinus headache?

Answer Get a washcloth wet, wring out some of the water and nuke for a couple minutes. Remove and let cool enough to lay it across your face, forehead, cheeks. Lay back and rest, the moist heat will help ... Read More »

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Should i take tylenol or sinus tablets for a sinus headache?

Difference between a migraine tension headache and a sinus headache?

Migraine and sinus headaches are two fairly common maladies that can make life miserable. Though occasionally they are confused because of some similar symptoms, their causes and remedies are very ... Read More »

How to Care for a Sinus Headache?

Sinus headaches are triggered by multiple causes, including allergies, pressure changes in the ear, tooth infection, swimming in polluted water, or a cold. Sinus infections can flare up at any time... Read More »

Can a sinus headache hurt for 2 weeks?

A tumor? More likely a sinus infection - which could be treated by a doctor. For now, you could go to any drugstore and get a neti-pot and the salt packets that go with it, and rinse out your sinus... Read More »