Anyone had a blight on their fruit tree s etc this year, half of our apple tree appears to have died off..?

Answer I saw a lot of Chestnuts with Bleeding Canker when I was in Suffolk, but Apples seem fine here in bonny Scotland. My only problem was birds that nipped the flowers off one of the trees. It could be... Read More »

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Will a crab apple pollinate a fruit apple tree?

Most apple trees are not self-pollinating. In order to be pollinated, they must be planted near other apple trees with the same bloom time. Crab apple trees are an excellent pollinator for apple tr... Read More »

How to Preserve Crab Apple Tree Fruit?

Crabapples can be dried whole, canned or frozen, just like regular apples and other fruit. Crabapples have a strong, pleasant apple scent when they are at their peak, although their actual flavor i... Read More »

Is Crab Apple Tree Fruit Dangerous?

The crab apple tree, also known as Pyrus coronaria or Malus coronaria, is short in stature and bears apple-like fruit that tastes tart when eaten raw but is otherwise harmless and considered safe t... Read More »

How many years does it take for an apple tree to produce fruit?

Depending on which variety of apple tree you plant, the average time for apple trees to start producing fruit is between three and five years. Apple trees that are not self-pollinators will need ot... Read More »