Anyone got any hangover curesPLEASE?

Answer lots of water- you'll be dehydrated, vitamin C or multivit , some food - not necessary a cooked breakfast, cereals will do. Some head ache tablets.

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Has anyone else got a hangover?

No, well was drinking until three in the morning, up at the uual time of quater to seven.And Yes... fry-up, get some decent fats and protien into you and I assure you, you'll feel better.Night befo... Read More »

Hangover cures anyone got any?

not getting drunk in the first place is the only real way !

Anyone got a hangover cure?

Drink Pedialite..that baby really really works...alot of bands and athletes drink it after they go out drinking...It's really good stuff.

Anyone know any cures for a hangover?

Hair of the dog only works temporarily. You're better off with lots of water and some detox herbs like milk thistle.