Anyone got any good hangova cures.?

Answer don't drink so much that you'll have a hangover. That is part of being a responisble adult. Baring this video, good advice, and HILARIOUS!!!!…

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Any good hangover cures?

There is debate about whether a hangover might be prevented or at least mitigated. The most important thing to remember though, is that there is no remedy for making yourself sober. Alcohol must be... Read More »

Anyone know any good cures for Migraine?

Gee..until I stumbled onto this Yahoo Question, I thought I was the few who know that migraine triggers vomitting.There was a period when there were many who thought I was pregnant simply because I... Read More »

What are good cures for hangovers?

WOW a lot on non drinkers out there!the 10 step program where the cure is prevention.1.) eat some normal food before you you go out.2.) do as before mentioned, drink a couple glasses of water befor... Read More »

Any good hangover cures please!!?