Anyone get some good recipes for smoothies?

Answer Usually I just put a little ice cream and milk int the blender and then throw in all the fruits I have that might make a good combo. They always end up tasting good. I'd suggest you buy bananas, an... Read More »

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Any good recipes using TOFU or SEITAN Or any good vegetarian recipes in general?

I've been a vegetarian for 12 years. There's ALOT of good recipes out there, just experiment! And if you find a recipe you don't like, don't give up!! Check out these websites. There's a lot of u... Read More »

What good smoothies do you know?

My favorites are:- Strawberry & Kiwi- Strawberry & Mango- Lychee & Banana - Dragon Fruit- Strawberry & Banana- Dark Chocolate & strawberry- Green Tea- Cantaloupe- Blueberry - different fruits with ... Read More »

Need simple good recipie for smoothies?

frozen or fresh strawberries(use your own discretion)2 cups orange juice(not from concentrate)2 bananas1 tablespoon honey1 cup crushed ice

Any good shakes/smoothies for someone with throat cancer?

Make sure the doctor is aware of the marijuana use. They wont give you any crap about it, but there are certain things as a cancer patient you need to be aware of. First and foremost, are you goi... Read More »