Anyone ever have a triple arthrodesis surgery?

Answer Yes, it's the painful one to go through...For your situation, there is something needed to be done, so ask your doctor about this situation to solve the problem.Good luck!

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Has anyone here ever had "rotator cuff surgery"?

Yes, I did. The surgery was about an hour and a half, and then they strapped my arm across my chest and secured it with a sling and velcro straps. The ride home was horrible. Running over a little ... Read More »

Has anyone ever had Laser as in Lasik surgery on their eyes?

Read over this very, very carefully and just.. say no to lasik. It's not worth the risk of being one of those 'rare few' (hah) who end up disabled from the side effects. Read More »

Has anyone ever had laser eye surgery Does it hurt Is your vision really any better?

I have had Lasik, and my vision is perfect now (and it's been over 2 years). The surgery only lasts a few minutes, and they will probably give you something to make you relax. My vision was fine ... Read More »

My Mom needs triple bypass surgery.?

dont worry, whenever a patient dies a panel looks over the case and judges what the surgeon did in surgery and if he were to found to have made any mistakes, he wouldnt have a license anymore. ther... Read More »