Anyone ever experience sudden over-salivation, extreme stomach pain and difficulty speaking?

Answer I didn't need to read but a few lines. Go get checked for an ulcer.Excessive saliva, like all of a sudden. Enough to fill a cup it seems like. Stomach pain like the most intense hunger pain you've ... Read More »

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Sudden, extreme arch pain, no injury?

There is a muscle under your foot that often times tightens up to give pains under your foot. There are also others within the foot but are too complicated to get at now, so hopefully this will he... Read More »

Serious question-What condition could cause a sudden swollen lower rt. abdomen, extreme pain 2" down/ 4" rt. ?

Omg! that sounds terrible.It could be a strangulated hernia.Symptoms are,steady pain that gradually gets worse.Nausea,vomiting,swelling,pain when area is touched and red skin around the hernia.You ... Read More »

I have been experience pain in stomach but all i can see is a brown mark going across half of my stomach?

I think your stress and anxiety may be turning you into a hypochondriac. Nerves can do strange things to your thoughts and body functions.....why not do a work out? Go for a brisk walk or a jog aro... Read More »


As a pharmaceutical tech i get calls like these all night long. Here is my response ( i have memorized it) "The symptoms you are experiencing are severe. You need to seek medical help as soon as yo... Read More »