Anyone else think pregnancy and childbirth is gross?

Answer Someone said you're selfish. They are quite frankly an idiot. There is a shortage of people willing to adopt.There are 7 Billion people on this planet and it's increasing all the time. You're ri... Read More »

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How to Use a Gym Ball During Pregnancy and After Childbirth?

Exercising whilst you are pregnant is a great idea, providing you've checked with your GP about doing the right level of exercise for you. Using a gym ball for exercise during pregnancy can help yo... Read More »

How does teenage pregnancy affect childbirth?

Most teenagers do amazingly well as long as they have a good support system and know what to expect.

Can a microperforate hymen lead to complications with pregnancy or childbirth?

I have heard that it is best to have it removed. My doctor told me it might cause problems with natural birth and also, chances of getting pregnant is lower, or might take longer, because of the bl... Read More »

Gross pregnancy question......?

sounds like it was clumpy sperm to me.Sometimes you need to pee more, sometimes less. It changes all through pregnancy. It's great when you can make it through the night without having to pee! :D