Anyone else think pregnancy and childbirth is gross?

Answer Someone said you're selfish. They are quite frankly an idiot. There is a shortage of people willing to adopt.There are 7 Billion people on this planet and it's increasing all the time. You're ri... Read More »

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Does anyone else think that Perez Hilton is crazy Does anyone else think he looks like an ape?

Yeah he's really weird, his blog annoys the crap out of me sometimes lol. But he used to be much worse then he is now though

Has anyone else done anything a bit crazy due to pregnancy hormones?

hahaha hunni uv really made me giggle.well, im only 5weeks and on saturday i drove to the shops and back.... thats no different but i did:beep at 2 vans and tell 2 other drivers to go and f*ck off(... Read More »

Does Anyone Else Think Grapes Are Fun?

yes i think eating them is so funsometimes i like to peel the skin off even though that sounds really gross

Does anyone else think that?

Yeah epecially on todays show!Secret life, Wipeout, Ruby and the Rockets, and Jon and Kate Plus 8. =]