Anyone else think myspace is stupid and pointless?

Answer YES! i had one because my friend asked me to try it and i admit it was fun at first...but then i realized how stupid it was. i mean its not even reality anymore. its almost kind of creepy how peopl... Read More »

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Just a pointless question about myspace haha?

tom does everybody on myspace is his friend practicly

Y do the stupid schools block myspace?

You can unblock MySpace with a proxy at school - here are a few sites that work good:http://www.LateForSchool.infohttp://www.SiteRouter.infoBe sure to tell your friends or post them to you myspace ... Read More »

Do u think they should ban Myspace forever just because kids are to stupid to put there full name and meet?

It's not right to shoot down the entire system based upon the mistakes of the few. Mass punishment went out with Hitler and Mussolini.

Why do people make those stupid faces in their myspace/facebook pictures...?

There is a pose that my friends and I like to call the "myspace" pose. It is a photo taken by the person themselves, with the camera above their head. They are looking up, but with the head still t... Read More »