Anyone else think myspace is stupid and pointless?

Answer YES! i had one because my friend asked me to try it and i admit it was fun at first...but then i realized how stupid it was. i mean its not even reality anymore. its almost kind of creepy how peopl... Read More »

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Does anyone else think this is stupid?

It is not a stupid idea. I used to drive buses at Disney and you don't know how many times I have heard parents make that statement. I have always suggested that they start circulating petitions ... Read More »

Does anyone else think Vegetarianism is stupid?

There are many many vegetarian Christians, the difference is, they know eating or not eating meat or eating and using other animal based products has nothing at all to do with salvation or forgiven... Read More »

Does anyone else think that IPads are stupid?

Yeah there so STUPID! basicaly there a giant ipod. So dummb.. There so stupd its like people who buy them must be dumb cuz theres nothing but a giant ipod.

Does anyone else think myspace is dumb!!?