Anyone else sick of Ashley the annoying veggie!?

Answer she reported me last time - Facist vegetarians are scary.I will say that I got a lot of support from vegetarians who are similarly peeved at her extremism

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Sick of been a veggie, but could never eat an animal of any sort! any ideas of what to eat ?

I recommend that you get hold of The Vegetarian Student Cookbook by Hamlyn. It's not just for students, but has unfussy, uncomplicated, inexpensive recipes of all sorts. And they are mostly delicio... Read More »

How do get a sick annoying brother to do their homework?

Hells Kitchen, Grant Bovey, Is he annoying anybody else as much as he's annoying me I almost feel sorry for?

He's a smarmy fecker H , I'd love to shove his bloody flakes where the sun don't shine & as for feeling sorry for Anthea, well, that's what you get for stealing your best mates husband!!!

How to Not Waste Time and Get Your Annoying Sibling to Stop Annoying You?

Headache over your sister? You've come to the right place!