Anyone else really tired of being treated like an ignorant fool by trolls here?

Answer It's odd, really. I think the reason meat eaters slam us is because we make them afraid. Very afraid. They know animals are treated cruelly in slaughterhouses and it makes them uncomfortable, yet t... Read More »

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Is anyone else gettin really tired off not knowing who Teds future wife is on How I Met Your Mother?

They will pull a twist I guarantee. It's been on to long for just a plain jane happy ending where Ted finds his wife. There will be some sort of thing like the kids never existed and such. Or Ted w... Read More »

Is YouTube being really slow for anyone else at the moment?

No, it isnt just you mines hardly buffering a 3 minute long video. i just think my whole internet is really slow today

Does anyone else here like to put a strip of bacon into their cup of coffee?

Is Anyone Else Tired Of?

Yes, so sick of them. They're so stupid freak.