Anyone else noticed this alarming trend?

Answer Actually, in terms of health psychology that would be a rather fascinating phenomena - tells you an awful lot about how teens go about getting attention, the forms of attention they desire, how the... Read More »

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Are teenagers becoming pregnant at an alarming rate?

Do you think its alarming, that "Justin Bieber" is googled more often than "Barack Obama"?

Given how bad of a job Obama has done thus far, I'm not surprised at all.

Anyone else notice the alarming fact that people now a day think rock i either ACDC or coldplay?

I believe that trend started in the 90's when the moneymakers began generalizing and reorganizing categories of music, which is why I don't watch music awards. Btw, I really hate Coldplay with a pa... Read More »

My PC keeps alarming on hot days. I assume it's overheating. Can you get additional fans fitted to stop this?

Speedfan will keep track of temps for you.or Rivatuneror EverestTaking the side off requires only a small amount of technical ability, and would probably cool the cpu by a few degrees immediately. ... Read More »