Anyone else having this problem with Firefox?

Answer You May Have a Virus, Try (Make sure to scan the whole drive)Also To Get to the website use Internet Explorer, Also Delete Firefox, Go to C:\program Files\Mozilla Firefox And ... Read More »

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Is anyone else having this problem with YouTube?

If "your browser sent a request that this server couldn't understand" + "size of request header field exceeds server limit", then your particular"request" might be a bad or supersized cookie.(The s... Read More »

Avast ! is now asking for money. It will not update the free version. Anyone else having this problem?

The only time this happens if you accidently hit the trial button and then the product goes into a 30 day trial mode - or if you do a system restore it will revert to the paid version and not the f... Read More »

Is anyone else having a problem with their Sky i (information) button?

It could be that your recording 2 programs at once which means that message comes up.Also, your signal may be weak, check it on your system status found in services. If this continues call Sky. Our... Read More »

Anyone else having problems with gmail this morning?

Yes Jessica me too! I heard this question like 20 times in one hour this morning. As you see from this long list of answers this issue threw off many people's morning and was a topic of discussion... Read More »