Anyone else having problems with Clear internet recently?

Answer Nope it's just you. Try resetting your computer and internet.

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How do you clear the recently visited websites of your iPod touch?

Go into the settings app. Go into the Safari area. Scroll down to the bottom and choose Clear History.

Have anyone been having problems with watching videos on YouTube recently?

Check with your internet provider and they can investigate the problem.

Recently uploaded my new website,why is it not on internet?

If you did not buy the domain for your web site, you may not be able to display your website in internet. If you already did, then you contact your domain host.

I recently sufferred a major head injury how long will I have memory problems, I am still in the hospital.?

I had closed head brain injuries 10 years ago. I am doing a lot better today but I still have problems with short term memory at times. It is no fun believe me when you cannot remember something f... Read More »