Anyone else hate the new Youtube format?

Answer I don't hate it...I DESPISE IT!Jesus, it went from simple and understanding to complex and frustrating.

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Who else hate the new youtube homepage?

apparently i haven't watched my subscription videos for weeks and now i have a long list of videos and it's just really annoying

I hate summer, anyone else?

The winter season is beautiful and quiet, But the Fall is my favorite time, it's cool air is crisp and clear. I also like the colors of fall, it's like having a free art show.

I hate Facebook does anyone else?

What? you hate facebook?Translation: I have no friends and I have ugly photos :)I love FB!unlike yahoo answers,full of trolls! FB actually filters out trash,you need an email and phone verification... Read More »

Does anyone else hate Wikipedia?

I read your blog and....sorry, but---bitter much? You're essentially denouncing Wikipedia for being what it claims to be: An encyclopedia that anyone can edit, whether they be an expert, layman, o... Read More »