Anyone else hate the male species?

Answer Well, "hating" the male species might be part of the answer. Guys tend to pick up on "attitudes." Try being more positive...not "acting" positive, mind you. BEING more positive. Optimism and positi... Read More »

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I hate summer, anyone else?

The winter season is beautiful and quiet, But the Fall is my favorite time, it's cool air is crisp and clear. I also like the colors of fall, it's like having a free art show.

Anyone else hate the new Youtube format?

I don't hate it...I DESPISE IT!Jesus, it went from simple and understanding to complex and frustrating.

I hate Facebook does anyone else?

What? you hate facebook?Translation: I have no friends and I have ugly photos :)I love FB!unlike yahoo answers,full of trolls! FB actually filters out trash,you need an email and phone verification... Read More »

Does anyone else hate facebook?

There are a lot of annoying things on facebookhere is the Facebook Athem just for all those "Bored with facebook"…Enjoy - I promise you will like it, Just... Read More »