Anyone else had scan and didnt get the news they wanted?

Answer heya hunni, im only 16w so i cant help there but i think the q is is the wrong section, lol i can see a few computer techs with a confuddled look on thier faces xxmaybe she will have another spurt ... Read More »

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I didnt get the waves i wanted?

when you come out of the shower dry your hair with a towel till its slightly damp then do three fishtail plaits and leave about a couple of inches before the end of your hair and tye them. when all... Read More »

If i wanted to scan my computer for viruses, would i check my c drive or jsut make the antivirus scan?

Just wanted to share some exciting news....?

Congrats to your family! That is a big deal :)My son was bullied in school for years, and no matter how often I was at the school talking to teachers, talking to parents trying to get something do... Read More »

A daycare lady didnt let a little girl have her desert cause she didnt finish her food and then ....?

Are you here mother or another daycare helper?As a daycare helper, go to the director and explain the ladies treatment of the little girl. Another mother, tell the little girls mother. No child sho... Read More »