Anyone else going to bed soon?

Answer Once I'm on the highway, a little later, I'm going to enter a semi-sleep mode. The Loge section of my brain will still be on high alert, but the Promendade deck will be fast asleep.

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Is anyone else going to take a nap?

Oh please let me take a nap.....for about 10 hours straight. I need it. Most sleep I've had has been for 6 hours. Really starting to piss me off. Most times it's just little 4 hour jaunts between b... Read More »

Is anyone else having problems going to

Has anyone else noticed all of the large company IT and network issues going around lately?

there's network/computer issues happening all over the place every second. these are not new occurrences; it's not some sort of big conspiracy.

Does anyone else feel like paying for college with little to no debt at the end is going to be impossible?

It's definitely possible to graduate from uni without any debt ;o) I attended undergraduate solely on scholarships and grants. (Graduate school, however, can be a different story, even with fellows... Read More »