Anyone else feel unreasonably jealous of popular Youtubers?

Answer Ya, I am also feeling that we unreasonably jealous of popular Youtubers.......

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How much money do popular Youtubers make? username with the youtube channel u want to view.

If you are not A Pretty or sexy Female do you feel inferior and jealous of those who are?

Well being a girl yes you feel really jealous towards those who are prettier than you! But as for me i hv natural beauty... I know a few people who use makeup to make thmselves pretty but that does... Read More »

Has lack of tranparancy in Govt bodies made real estate unreasonably expensive?

Yes true.Lack of transparency coupled with delay in clearing papers in various stages of various government offices also contribute the same. A multistory building in CMDA will be cleared in about ... Read More »

Are you stuck with the replacement value set by the insurance broker - the amount seems exhorbitant and an attempt by the company to increase their rates unreasonably - do you have a recourse?

hire a licensed contractor to assess the replacement cost of your home - then discuss with broker and or company directly