Anyone else break their toe this bad?

Answer In time it will be fine, just be patient.

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Anyone else putting their heating on this evening (UK)?

Spooky...I just put it on for the first time this autumn...Its just too cold tonight (I have a jumper on...) still bare legged though....guess its bye bye to that now.... soon be lighting the fire ... Read More »

Has anyone else tried this before Have you had anything else like this Answer in full please. Thanks!?

Okay fed-boy:Cottage cheese with actual pineapple in it's own juice (drained) or peaches or pears or strawberries - any fruit really.Cold, raw oatmeal flakes with cold milk barely covering the 'pil... Read More »

Does anyone else break out With after drinking alcohol?

Break out with what? Hives? Zits? If you break out with anything after you consume alcohol you may be allergic to it, which is not uncommon. If that's the case, avoid it.

I can make my eyes go blurry at will. Can anyone else do this How is this done?

I CAN DO IT 2!!!! idk how it happens but i just can. its super weird... and ya none of my friends can do that etheir