Anyone else afraid to go to starbucks?

Answer There are so many things wrong with some of these answers I feel the need to chime in here. First off, there are a lot of options at starbucks, thats definitely true. People like their coffee and e... Read More »

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Is anyone else afraid of Wal-Mart taking over the world?

lol I use to work for them they are actually pretty horrible. They buy things in such large quantities that they up the prices of everything by like 30% and they're still lower than most places. ... Read More »

Is anyone else afraid of the radation coming on to you from the computer monitor?

I wrap myself in foil..head to toe. Works like a charm really. ;)

Does anyone else think that Perez Hilton is crazy Does anyone else think he looks like an ape?

Yeah he's really weird, his blog annoys the crap out of me sometimes lol. But he used to be much worse then he is now though

Anyone else offered a price on a phone bill and then charged something else?

If the service you had before was with your local phone company, call them and ask to switch back. Or if it was from some other company, call that company and ask to switch back.After you get every... Read More »