Anyone dealing with fibromyalgia in a healthy, natural way?

Answer A web search for fibromyalgia + "natural remedies" in Yahoo will give you over 17,000 results.

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Does anyone have any natural alternatives for dealing with sleeplessness?

"Sleep hygiene" seems lame but you build up a tolerance (if not an addiction or habituation) to any drug you use. Watch a dog. It circles around and has a little routine before it lays down to slee... Read More »

Herbal/ Natural Solution for dealing with Anxiety?

I answered a similar question a few days ago this is what i stated.NIACIN defiantly niacin. I have heard a lot about it working for depression and anxiety so try it out its vitamin B3 go to a healt... Read More »

Does anyone have fibromyalgia with rheumatoid pain?

On One Hand: Fibromyalgia Can Occur With Rheumatoid ArthritisIndividuals with fibromyalgia---a condition characterized by chronic, generalized pain and tenderness---often also have rheumatoid arthr... Read More »

Does anyone have any advice about dealing with a dispute with another editor on Wikipedia on a page(s)....?

What Megan meant by "move on" was to forget about the whole thing.Personally, if you are sure you are correct then I'd pen a dispute with Wikipedia. The information the site should be correct as it... Read More »