Anyone able to help with Assembler programming?

Answer You may be interested in the following links to get you started:……… ... Read More »

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Hello, can anyone help me with Java Programming ?

When you do math, you're supposed to use operators, not spell out the operations.System.out.print("Enter your ht in inches: ");int height_inches = kbd.nextInt();int feet = inches / 12; ... Read More »

I am new to programming. can you suggest me a book that will help me learn the very basics of programming?

you haven't mentioned which language are you learning.But still programming is more logic than the language itself.So in order to develop these skills you can start with c or C++ and you get the b... Read More »

Help with C programming?

There are lots of people here who understand C and no one is answering your question. Nobody knows what you are doing. There are millions of applications of the C language. If you are trying to l... Read More »

Help me with C programming!!!?

It takes a while to learn it. Honestly I would take a class at college if you are really interested in it.