Anybody w/ Hyperhidrosis ever try taking silicea?

Answer According to The Homeopathic Materia Medica, By Dr William Boericke MD, the following are the symptoms which SILICEA can treat and cure :-SILICEA TERRASilica. Pure Flint(SILICEA)Imperfect assimilat... Read More »

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I'm taking my behind-the-wheel test today...anybody have any advice?

Don't be nervous. If you stay calm, you'll do fine.

Anybody ever use an 'out house'?

omg you brought back so many memories & it's sad as well because i no longer have my grandparents on both sides. i was raised around cattle, & chickens, all my life i was a country girl i use to ge... Read More »

Anybody ever ate Plantains?

I'm from Puerto Rico, and we eat plantain all the time!! In spanish fried plantain is called "tostones" or "platanutres", depending on the preparation. Its very delicious!You should try to do it i... Read More »

Has anybody ever used VooZoo on Facebook?

Yeah, I have actually. Personally, I think it's one of the better Facebook applications out there right now. It's professionally developed, and has a great deal with Paramount. I've used it to p... Read More »