Anybody use ?

Answer omg i use it ALL the time...and i thought it was just my computer!!! crazy...well anyway i try going through yahoo and that has worked like once or twice...or i keep re-loading...dude seriously i t... Read More »

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Yes!!!! Smosh plays Slendytubbies and Smosh plays Kindctimals are my favourite!

Anybody know?

Surprisingly Vinegar! Also Noxzema cream also helps also there is a product on market by Panama jack called after burn its a blue gel with aloe and lidocaine it works well too.

Anybody got hairtips?

I strongly suggest you retreat to YouTube! It has helped me a ton!! Alot of expert advice and nice bc you can actually watch it

Does anybody...?

It was a nice novelty at the time and it would be kinda kewl to see them re-issue it for some limited time blast from the past offer. I'd vote to see it once again!