Anybody tell me how to copy cells automatically in MS excel just by selecting cells by arrow key?

Answer I am not sure why you would want to alter the typical functioning of the arrow keys, it would not be a wise decision. There are many shortcut key combinations of selecting cells within MS-Excel: ... Read More »

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Can Excel 2003 display the count of the cells and also sum of the cells together in status bar ?

From what I am aware of, not in the normal everyday way. From version 2003 or earlier, you may only see one of the aggregate values at a time in the Status Bar area, by right-clicking and choosing... Read More »

How to Copy Cells From MS Excel to MS Word?

MS Excel is a great way to organize and manage data. Although you can store your core data in Excel spreadsheets, you may want to transfer some of that data over to MS Word for a letter, sales pres... Read More »

How do I copy a formula to other cells in Excel 2007?

Select the cell with the formula to copy. Then click "Cut" under the "Home" tab on the left-hand side.Click "Paste" under the "Home" tab to paste the formula and format of the formula. Click "Paste... Read More »

How to Copy the Border Style From a Range of Cells to Another in Excel 2007?

Borders set areas apart for clarity and readability. Adding color to the border supplies visual interest. Using an Excel shortcut to copy a border from one area of a spreadsheet to another can save... Read More »