Anybody getting nuisance phone calls on private number to my mobile phone ihere in ireland?

Answer this is what you matter what country you're in...!…

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Have you ever had nuisance phone calls?

Keep getting calls asking for some asian guy, chasing debts! eversince changed number, its getting very annoying.

+420 200 000 000 nuisance phone calls?

Looks like a random code. I've received calls before which registered with weird numbers on my caller ID so I reported them to right away. It was where I found out that ... Read More »

I have a private caller that calls my number every day and hangs up on me as soon as i answer the phone?

Although u can directly ask him......haha....but i have an idea for somewhat unsual but u can try go to ....the site mention in sources put his/her no. there after clicking on recharge now then jus... Read More »

How can I stop nuisance phone sales calls?

after you have had registered for the 100 times with all the do-not-call-list, and ask them not to call your phone anymore, there is only one more thing to do.....and that is, get yourself a caller... Read More »