Anybody knows how to put the password on the folder?

Answer FREE PASSWORD FILE PROTECTION--------------------------------------…-Right click on your desktop -Then Select New -Then Select Compressed (zipped) Folder-Then Rename your folder "to what ever you... Read More »

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How to protect folder with password, when someone trying to delete the folder?

Folder Guard

Anybody knows what countries make hp cartridges?

The last Hp-21 Black & HP-22 Tri-Color I bought [New OEM's @ Wal Mart] were both make in Singapore.You say you are buying cartridges online & they claim they're original ones - are you sure about t... Read More »

Anybody knows what to put on a scratch to heal extremely fast!!?

Neosporin. Keep it clean, free of makeup, don't pick at it and Preparation H can be used to reduce swelling (its good for itching too, I use it on poison ivy and skeeter bites).(By the way Prep. H... Read More »

Anybody knows good ways to quit cough syrup ?

Slowly decrease the amount you use until u quit