Anybody knows good ways to quit cough syrup ?

Answer Slowly decrease the amount you use until u quit

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Im highly addicted to canabis (weeed),is there any good ways to help quit?

yes mate the word is will power i quit about a month and a half ago yeah sure you get cravings and you see your mates all the time smoking on biftas but hey just think when your all 30 and there te... Read More »

Is it safe to take cough syrup during pregnancy?

You have to take a certain kind of cough syrup. This has to be the one with less harmful drugs in it. Your doctor will tell you which ones are safe.

Recreational Cough Syrup Question..?

Don't take that ****, you're asking for nausea and vomiting. Take it from me, an experienced DXM abuser, ONLY TAKE DXM ONLY SYRUP / GELS. 1.6g acetaminophen? LOL NO. 1.2g Guaifenesin? Puke. 135mg D... Read More »

How to Make Cognac Cough Syrup?

A nagging, persistent cough due to illness is usually caused by an excess of phlegm that irritates and inflames the respiratory system. Breathing becomes a frustrating chore as the body's natural d... Read More »