Anybody know of a personal GPS device that could be attaced to a wheelchair ?

Answer some phones have the gps in them, it can serve a dual purpose, he could ring someone, even without speaking, in case of emergency.and...i cant believe i'm actually suggestting this... they have tho... Read More »

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Does anyone know anybody that works for at&t that could get me an unlisted number?

no, you gotta do that them on Monday and order a unlisted number....its not free!!

Recommendations for a GPS device that can be attached to a wheelchair and used to locate the person if needed?

Zoombak advanced a-gps universal locator$199.99…

Can I get a satellite radio player that 1) is a personal device 2) plays in the car and 3) on a laptop?

You used to be able to do that with Sirus, but I don't know if you still can.

Does anybody know where I could get a Lady Gaga Google Chrome Theme?……