Anybody know how to get rid of cold or throat infection?

Answer Vitamin C and Zinc. Hot liquids. Rest. Garlic and onions are natural antibiotics. If you have a high fever see a doctor.

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How do you tell if an infant has a throat infection?

honestly i don't know exactly what it can do, but thinking logically if any thing is enlarged especially when things developing , has gotta do something. my daughter however was diagonosed with thi... Read More »

Can having an ear infection cause your throat to hurt?

yes. Your ears, nose and throat are connected. i would recommend some antibiotics as you have a infection.

Yeast or throat infection?

It could be thrush (… HOWEVER, if your doctor said it's a throat infection, then it's more than likely a throat infection

How does a doctor tell the difference between a viral or bacterial infection, say, in your throat/ear?

Generally, when a person has a virus, more than one part of the body is affected ... sore throat, runny nose, headache, hoasreness, cough, cold symptoms, sneezing, fever, muscle aches, nausea, vomi... Read More »