Anybody know any facial/image recognition software for a pc?

Answer You could do a search on Google using the following keywords: facial image recognition software And that may even turn up online applications that will do the testing for you if you supply the ph... Read More »

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Does anybody know of any good free DVD burning software?

Does anybody know of a good basic anti-virus software One that doesn't eat up a bunch of CPU and RAM?

Spysweeper is the way to go.The best software you should get is Spysweeper with Anti-virus, this software is too good and gets better everyday. This is ELITE software. It blocks over 179,500 threat... Read More »

How to Use Voice Recognition Software?

Voice recognition has come a long way since its inception as most now recognize voice patterns of specific individuals to better quantify speech characteristics. This provides for superior accent a... Read More »

What is handwriting recognition software?

Handwriting recognition software is used in a couple of different capacities. The ability of a computer to recognize the patterns and shapes of handwritten letters sometimes requires the download a... Read More »