Anybody know a good recipe for JALAB (lebanese drink)?

Answer Jallab: Syrup made of molasses, rose water, dates. The combination of the ingredients gives it an amazing taste unlike anything you have experienced.Simply put 3 tablespoon of the syrup in a glass ... Read More »

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Does anybody know a good naga curry paste recipe?

INGREDIENTS5 Tablespoons ground coriander7 Tablespoons ground cumin1 Tablespoon Paprika1 Tablespoon Turmeric 1 Tablespoon Chilli Powder 1 finely chopped fresh chilli1 inch grated fresh ginger1 bulb... Read More »

Does anybody know the recipe for Haleem?

Ingredients1 ½ kilograms of Mutton or Beef½ kilograms of Wheat Grains (crushed and soaked in water for 1 ½ hour)1 cup of Gram Lentils (soaked and boiled)3 medium Onions (thinly sliced)1 tbsp. Ga... Read More »

Does anybody know an easy, fast fig jelly perserve recipe?

1 pint of fresh ripe figs (15 small figs), roughly chopped2 tablespoons sugar2 tablespoons honey1/2 cup water1 teaspoon fresh lemon juicePut all the ingredients EXCEPT lemon juice in a small sauce ... Read More »

Does anybody have a REALLY good chicken soup recipe?

I very seldom use measurements, so I'll tell you how I make mine. I suppose you could use a couple of cans of chicken stock, but I prefer to make mine totally from scratch by boiling the carcass o... Read More »