Anybody know a good hacker UK?

Answer Intriguing tell me more? No there are tools to get info from a machine; which is easily done if discreet but I don’t personally know a hacker and they wouldn’t get past my fire-wall…:)Edit: C... Read More »

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Do you think that a hacker would make a good consultant on computer security?

Actually, a family member WAS a Hacker and is now making major money STOPPING Hackers. His skills were an EGO thing and he wanted to be the best. Now he realizes the potential harm and points out... Read More »

I want to be a hacker but i don't kow how?

Check your typing first - even if you ever DID learn how to hack, you'd get the wrong one all the time with that standard !

HELP! I Have A Hacker!?

now might be a good time to add some security to your systema firewall (just one)a anti-virus (just one)and some ad-ware and spyware removal tools (the more the better)go to Read More »

How to Think Like a Big Hacker?

Thinking like a hacker is not just for criminals, but also for companies who want to know how to protect themselves against hackers. If you know how a hacker uses their imagination to enter a compa... Read More »